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I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!

Amaphupho/ Dreams and their meanings

Gogo Nomalanga
How does one explain or give meaning to a dream outside of a proper reading and consultation?

I am often amazed at how people are so quick to offer meanings to dreams. The chances of one dream meaning the same thing for two different people are very slim if any at all. We are all different and unique, with different amaDlozi hence the secrets of each household's umsamo will differ from one person to the other.

Amathongo and amaDlozi from each household have different ways of communicating with their subjects and how they communicate is very important to note. This is more important for those who are gifted or have the calling as the dreams carry important messages which should not be misread.There are however, those dreams that generally point at an ancestral calling as well as state in which the ancestors are in.

These dreams include but are not limited to:

  1. Dreams about the sea/ocean.
  2. Dreams about Rivers or waterfalls.
  3. Dreams about snakes or lions
  4. Dreams about umgidi, chanting, or sangoma attire

The truth of the matter is, dreams can be very confusing. Especially so when one tries to analyse the dreams for themselves without any basic knowledge as to how their ancestors communicate with them. Our ancestors use dreams to warn us of hardships that lie ahead before us and sometimes how those hardships can be avoided. They also use them to make us feel what they feel, or to give us a glimpse of what we could have and what our lives could be like if we listen and set them them free.

This is not to say that now people should become obsessed with dreams and their meaning..... Nooooooo!

Such an obsession is really disturbing because some dreams are just that....Dreams ! It takes self awareness and time to be able to really understand what your dreams may mean furthermore I always advise my clients to keep dream journals. This way you are able to pick up the pattern in your dreams. eg. how far off off they are from reality, How many times they reoccur before what you dreamed about actually happens. etc.

I could go on and on.....

Ideally we need to approach analysing dreams with an open mind and most importantly learn to listen to your heart. Having a bad dream or nightmare puts anyone in a bad mood, however if one wakes up from the bad dream and prays, it's amazing how the spirit can be lifted and the mood somehow shifts.

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Khensane 04/30/2020 05:02

I could be having a dream of something but during that dream, the father of my child keeps appearing and he is not talking to me, he just stares at me even thou the dream was not related to him at all. Since my pregnancy he changed to wards me, has seen the child maybe 3 times and baby is a year old

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For last 2 millennials, people believe that dreams have some sorts of meaning though. Each culture and civilization has its own interpretation of dream and believe according to their faith.

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zinziswa 06/19/2019 09:31

i had a dream that me and my daughter were chased by two dogs at a house i never go to anymore,i managed to catch one dog which was a pitbul and through it to the other dog and it had bit it,then i ran to the another house in the same dream thinking had to take the laundry of the line and saw a dog and it ran after us.
still in my dream my daughter has lost weight and she is not the same it bothers me .
as yesterdays dream i was fighting with her dad and it did happen that i fout with hi on the phone

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thilda jack yoppe 07/30/2018 13:30

Im 34 years of age im a stronger dreamers i see things in my dreams before they happen to people special those around me pls help me understand my self better his is affecting my marriage

nqobile 07/12/2018 08:35

need help i have a calling but dont know what do do my life is a mess

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