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I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!

Ukuvuma Idlozi/Accepting a calling - Part 2

Gogo Nomalanga
People need to understand that not everyone onabantu abadala and not not everyone who completes ukuthwasa aphothule will become a practicing isangoma.

Sometimes all the ancestors want is for someone to rectify the mistakes that they made besaphila. i.e. It could be that they never accepted their calling nor acknowledged abanikazi beziphiwo zabo or perhaps they did not believe in ancestors etc. So as a result, when they pass on they are unable to be reunited to the rest of the ancestors and their spirits linger around in limbo or in search of a soul that can fulfill the what they were not able to. Once they attach or possess that soul, they start to make themselves known by afflicting pain and misfortune on their subject. This by the way is their way of saying, 'get your ass up and go find out why all this is happening to you' which is very selfish if you ask me. Mind you labantu come to their subject in an uncleansed state, they carry so much baggage with them in terms of emotions and unfortunately the chosen soul gets to feel all of this.

The affected soul then seeks help and goes through ukuvuma or initiation with the belief that they will become great healers or that they will never have to to work a day in their lives because of these great spirits that they carry with them. Which is all misleading! All is good and well until the end of intiation/ukuphothula. Once at home umakhosi:

  1. akakwazi ukukhulela emadlozini/emakhosini,
  2. akawazi ukuhlolela abantu??!!
  3. he/she complains that abadala don't communicate anymore

Aqale phansi now and goes to consult. He/she gets told a load you know what about ukuthi waphambaniselwa etc. etc.... When all there is to it is that :

  1. amadlozi are now appeased hence the lack of communication
  2. all they wanted was for he/she to cleanse them, fulfill their wish of going through ukuvuma and ukuthwasa so that they could be reunited with our maker and the rest of amathongo and amadlozi

Having said all this, I would like to encourage everyone to ask as many questions as possible meniyohlola. Do not come out of a consultation with unanswered questions! If healer admits that they don't know or do not have answers to a question, don't fret and push them into a corner until they tell you fibs. Be satisfied and appreciative of that honesty and do your research.

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NS 08/29/2019 09:59

Camagu, I have been having dreams and in some of them I`m in the ocean walking in the sand at night and water came kum and ndoyike as if azonditsala ndibambele kule ndlu ndoyika utsalwa and all of a sudden the water abuyele back and when I look back kuwo kukho a village of tents as if abantu bayahlala but andiboni bantu, just izindlu, tents aphinde abuyele and cover these tents. another dream im chanting and beating my kitchen door as isgubu then amagqirha abantu wearing blue and white beads covering their face with these beads comes out of the bushes just next to the river in my area. Ndiyavuma ndiyano icalling kodwa ndiyafuna ukusebenza but andiyaz ba ndiyephi, ndilinde or ndithini. I had two dreams one of the same m travelling to this town the taxi driver said he knows where im going when this old man ask and I could see the mountains and road but dont know where in port alfred cz that is what the driver told where im going. will it be wrong if i go to anyone or i have to wait to be told my my ancestors. ndoyika ngoba ndaphupha ndibizelwa emanzin ndacenga abadala bangandithwekuli kwangoko ngoba ndinomntan osemncinci. ilwandle ndaloyika iske ibengathi ndizothathwa.

Nkhensani 02/23/2019 00:16

I very been experiencing misfortunes, trials and tribulations since I was young. Ppl hate me for no reason, Im a mess nje. When will this end bandla. I pray and phahla but nothing happens. I don't know what to do now

Nkhensani 02/23/2019 00:12

This journey is difficult if one doesn't have a mentor. It is also not easy to trust as those who want to help are after money. I've been requested to pay 30 000 for u ku thwasa

lerato 09/10/2019 10:29

where do I start? you see gogo knew I was different from an age , apart from the strange dreams I had, I acted different to my peers , I remember in grade 3 I formed a group called the "light" witches I strongly believed that I had super natural powers and I could summon good and bad spirits . as I grew I stared to loss interest in my childhood beliefs .but what confused me the most is that I had everything a little would ask for but I had the worst case of suicidal thoughts before high school I was in and out of the shinks office , even travelled from kzn to Pta just to go see a shink, by that time I was convinced I was crazy and nothing could ever help me but death .I then turned 13 I could literally see shadows that only I could see hear voices calling my name , by the time I was 14 I had cancer scares I remember the term in grade 8 I was hospitalized for 4 weeks but no cancer was found , before my 15th birthday came I was already an obsessive self cutter or should I say self harming ,later that year I tried to commit suicide but I failed and was diagnosed with a server case of depression , my parents took me to a boarding school in the rural areas ,the first weeks were fine the these scary dreams came back, I would wake up in the middle of the night and think there was a black cat with green eyes looking at me I would scream ,this went on for like a month ,then I started having burning feet everyday @ 12am it would hurt like iv been walking on fire , till a friend of mine oyinazareth noticed what was happening ,she would pray with me angicele ngecibi lakhe every time the fire came back, I started fainting till my mom came for me and took me to a Sangoma/prophet he told me nginezi lwane but most importantly was that ngine dlozi lamanzi ,I was less the 16 I confused and didn't know what to make up of this new information, my mom and I later changed churchs from catholic to apostolic beliefs all was good until 2012 ( I was 20 then) wer id have dreams ngibone things that would really happen , ngibone neziphika ezi red and black , I then went back to my original religion (catholic) 2014 I had my first job my first car ,a beautiful relationship ,but something happed to me at work ,ngalimala I almost lost my hand ,and old man who was my mentor at work said I had abadala and I should look into it before it got bad, well guess what I didn't listen ,2015 before my dad died id dream of all kinds of snakes big and small but one day I had this dream ngiphupha inyoka ingiluma ngavuka the next morning ngiquga ,after that everything went south , I lost my dad, lost my job ( well I left because of the uncontrollable anxiety attacks) , I lost my car I even lost my lover . after that a friend of mine advised me to go hlola, ayibo I got the same infor as the first guy who said nginabadala, the second sangoma told me to bring 7 different coloured candles we went to ihlane and whathi angivume my calling, I did just that , then she told I should wait for my dreams to lead me but they havnt been clear ,the painfull part is that ever since I lost my first job I cnt get a new one, in the past 2 years sengidliswe amagobongo more then 4 times now, iv been possessed( idlozi lokugida) twice manje , I don't know how many times iv tried to kill my self for no reason ,im turning 27 this year and all my peers and friends have loving boyfriends and jobs and im stuck with a failing nail salon , I feel like iv tried everything, im tired now , I don't even think ill see my 27th birthday, I cry everyday for no reasons , yes iv survived so much, rap, losing everything , ukuphikelwa ingane ,miscarriage and almost losing my life to the hands of 3 strange man, id think those are my triggers to my early grave but I hardly think of them , but everyday I want to take my own life, these thoughts are getting worse ,I am now hopeless and scared

Nkhensani 02/23/2019 00:09

Thank you for clearing some of my concerns regarding idlozi. I need to understand the next step after accepting my calling. How can I communicate with you outside this platform?

Nomndeni Mogayaneu 10/02/2018 14:32

Thokoza Gogo! This is very informative. Thank you very much. I would like yo follow your blog going forward

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Mitha 07/28/2017 23:59

Hi there, I would like to find out if there is a way ukuthwasa on your own. Perhaps with the guidance of the very idlozi attached to you. I feel that I must rectify whatever unfinished business idlozi lam has but I'd like to do that initiation process on my own. Thank you.

Nolutha 02/16/2016 20:31

I have just been told I need to go to initiation school I have a ndau spirit… manje my confusion is where do I go I had a dream about a sangoma bathing me and one talking to me kodwa I don’t know who she is, kuyabiza ukuthwasa and I really don’t want manga manga business because its too much money kodwa ngiyalivuma idlozi umanginalo how do I ask my ancestors for guidance before I go to a gobela

pathology residency personal statement 01/24/2016 00:43

This article give us great info about ancestor paraphrase and i also read this information in my book thanks for share it .

social work personal statement help 01/14/2016 17:00

I would like to encourage everyone to ask as many questions as possible meniyohlola. Do not come out of a consultation with unanswered questions! If healer admits that they don't know or do not have answers to a question.

Makhosi 09/28/2016 08:12

I couldn't agree more! Well said indeed.

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