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I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!

Defining My Spirituality

Gogo Nomalanga

Defining my spirituality is simple: Respect for the natural elements of life and earth, honoring and answering to the almighty and my ancestors, having trust and faith that when I pray I will be able to connect with this higher power and let it infuse my life with purpose and contentment.

My family played a huge role in the person that I am today. I grew up in a family that embraced both culture and religion and somehow that made me appreciate both and also find a balance between the two. As much as I am a christian, I also know my culture and roots very well. I appreciate, live and embrace both.

Prayer is a big part of me and I don't think I could not cope if for some reason I have to stop praying. I find my solace in prayer. And for me its my escape from the world...... more so when I do it alone NOT when I am divining through it. That is a different story altogether! I have heard many healers say that the guidance and insight into their own lives is not as straight cut as the guidance and insight they receive during a consultation for somebody else. However; I beg to differ.

In-fact I believe that everybody has an isithunywa/messenger that is able to guide them throughout their lives and that everyone is able to receive messages about things that will happen in their own lives. The problem is, people do not believe in their God given abilities. All it takes to strengthen and mature the relationship with your isithunywa is sincere, heartfelt prayer. If people could just understand this and practice it we would have less people suffering from depression and what not.

So I challenge you to start praying religiously to unblock that communication channel between you and your messenger. You can even light a white candle if you like. God lives and if you pray in the name of Jesus Christ you will be able to receive guidance from the Holy Ghost.

Without spirituality, we are in the dark!


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