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I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!

About me & the Birth of My Gifts

Gogo Nomalanga
About me & the Birth of My Gifts

It was only at the tender age of 19 that I came to know that I was infact one with an innate ability to look into mine and others lives; simply put I was born with an iDlozi spirit attached to me. I was the chosen one. At first this didn't make sense to me and I had no intention whatsoever to entertain these news. So I merrily went on with my life, from relationship to relationship but something was missing. A friend I confided in took me to a Sangoma near home and he confirmed everything I had been told before. Only difference is he explained everything in detail, told why certain things had happened in my life when they did and answered all my questions, so I left isigodlo sakhe thinking "hmmm this may not be such a bad thing after all".

I followed his guidance and advise for another few years and by this time I was more aware of my gifts, the signs when iDlozi was approaching me etc. I started praying purposefully every day and did more research about abangasekho.

I eventually got married.... and things just turned upside down! It was as if someone had cast a spell on us. After seeking guidance from the same healer I came to know that iDlozi lam was unhappy because they had blessed me with all that I asked for through prayer but not even once did I acknowledge this and give thanks to them. they also wanted my husband to Khunga me and lobola them.

In 2010 I made the decision to undergo initiation. The reason for this was because abangasekho were visiting me almost every other night and this was freaking me out. I mean I would be lying in bed awake and see them around our bed; funny thing is when they appeared I could not move a muscle.... often I would try to stretch my arm to wake my hubby up but how could I when I couldn't move. They would say what they wanted to say and then leave.

This became more intense and I felt their presence even when at work. I would just start burping non-stop..... imagine the embarrassment! My body would ache and my shoulders felt as if the weight of the world was sitting on them, I could go on and on...... It is then that I went to a Gobela for initiation but a few weeks into initiation iDlozi came and told me to return home as my purpose had been served and I would receive further instructions from them. My Gobela did not take this too well and refused to let me go, so I stayed. Things got worse, iDlozi was furious with me for not listening. So I eventually mastered the courage and returned home. They have been teaching everything since then. I don't know if they will ever stop but what I do know is that I am at peace and enjoy their presence immensely. I know that I carry them on back and shoulders, I feel them crawling in my blood and because of this I have to respect my body and carry myself in a manner that pleases them at all times. In any-case this comes naturally when you live and walk with such great spirits.

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Palesa 11/25/2016 16:24

When you don't have support and you find out that uneDlozi, its hard. My dad says I can never have such, I feel them on my shoulders especially when with a man who's asking me out. buwhat I would like to know how do I show my dad. the day I went blind I took pic he looked at them and said they look okay. he has to take home, where he hasnt been in 24 years. please help me to be able to show my dad

Thembisa 10/25/2016 09:54

Im very worrief about my calling .i fid everytjing y that my ancedtoers eantef me to do . but still i cnt see things clearly and rven in church as a prophet my vidion is not clear i neef help

MaShezi 09/17/2016 22:02

I was told that I have "abadala" and have been to different people to initiate but ended up not completing due to abuse, maltreatment and greed. In fear of my life I decide to abscond as there were so many evils happening. I am in dire need of in so many areas. Kindly advise please.

Gogo Nomalanga 09/28/2016 08:05

I'm not sure what it is that you need advise with. Please be so kind as to be more specific.

MaShezi 09/17/2016 21:58

Very interesting reading but I am unable to access the reply. Looking forward to read more and be informed on these issues which are so deep.

jay 05/19/2016 15:24

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assabelo 10/06/2015 16:02

How do a Sangoma breath when he/she is under the water what makes them breath and why do you have to take them out with the cow after all have been done when want take them out of river or sea?

Palesa 07/22/2015 22:31

Gogo am a 19 yr old girl am having strange dreams nd also ppl are not making any sense they jus leave me ngama question mark a prophetess once told me ukuth ngincenge isithunywa sami nd i went to visit 3 different churches they all say the same thing yokuth nginesiphiwo nd kmele ngibe umthandazeli ... i dont know anything non makes sense at all i just need some1 to enlighten me.

siyanda ngcoya 05/08/2015 07:50

Good morning all please assist me in understanding of when is the time to do initiation or idlozi tells you when it time to do it.
Where I found out I have calling I didn't take it serious but now I can't get my life to be at peace instead I keep on getting dreams I can't understand.
Please advice on what to do

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