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I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!

A new year, A fresh start ! Bring balance into your life this year!

Gogo Nomalanga

Most people have their new year resolutions drawn up by now and are all fired up to work towards achieving those set resolutions. The great thing about resolutions is that noone is holding a gun to your head, instructing you on what should or shouldn't be on that list. So why is it that most people write unrealistic and un-achievable resolutions?

This year I want to challenge all of you to go back to the resolutions that you have drawn up. Review it and really apply your mind. I know that some people want to buy a car, house, get married/ find love, get pregnant etc. Now pause for a moment and think, can you achieve all that you have listed if your spirituality is not in order?

You see, all our problems have a deeper root cause and you cannot start with treating the symptoms when then the underlying cause is ignored. Having said that, I want to ask each and every person reading this blog to make an effort at sorting your spirituality this year. Bring some balance into your life and see what positive impact that will have on achieving the material resolutions you have set for yourself.

  1. A few examples of spiritual resolutions:

  2. Take a moment to say a little prayer every morning and evening & give praise to Heavenly Father.

  3. Find a spiritual mentor to help you with cleansing your ancestors. (they play a major role on the state of you emotional & physical well-being)

  4. Make a prayer place and spend more time alone just listening to your thoughts.

  5. Give a liitle to those less fortunate than you. " Blessed is the hand that gives"

  6. Love more and this will resonate in your life.

These are just a few examples.

Please recognise the importance of balance and you will not be sorry.

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